Legend of Keepers

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Last Update : May 24, 2023
  • apkpio.com – Get the game Legend of Keepers at a special 30% off launch price! It’s a premium game with no micro-transactions, but exciting big content DLCs are coming soon. In this unique roguelite and dungeon management experience, you become the villain and protect the Dungeons Company’s treasures. Hire monsters, build traps, and defeat heroes who come for your gold. Experience the challenges of corporate life, from sick leaves to strikes, and manage your team to create an impenetrable dungeon. Climb the corporate ladder, optimize your strategy, and become the most feared boss in dungeon history. Enjoy stunning animations and carefully manage your resources. Play as three different dungeon masters with their own abilities and recruits. It’s also compatible with MFicontrollers, and there are no micro-transactions.

    APK MOD v0.9.3

    1. Characters are invincible
    2. High damage

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